Pepe Saya

Pepe Saya butter is made from 100% local ingredients. Single origin cream from farms around Australia in particular from Country Valley dairy in Picton, New South Wales locally sourced Olsson's sea salt, along with Murray River pink salt. Pepe Saya is made and delivered daily, not frozen like imported boutique butters, but what makes this butter really unique is the fact that it’s totally handmade. 

The difference in the butter is in the process in which it is made. The butter is beurre de baratte (butter of the churn)- it is batch churned from single origin cream, creating a natural and less processed product.

When the cream arrives from the farms to the creamery in Caringbah it is heated up and inoculated with a lactobacillus culture. It is then left to culture, allowing for a full buttery taste and slight tang to develop, creating the unique flavour of the cultured butter- this is the crème fraiche. The crème fraiche is then churned, which produces buttermilk and of course the butter. Finally, the butter is kneaded and placed into hand pressed moulds, wrapped and labelled.